What keeps Sparsh going?

Mail like the ones below -

1) When a super specialist takes out time from his busy schedule to write such a long detailed mail to appreciate your efforts. Thank you Dr. Ashutosh for your kind words.

Dear Mr Saurav and Gaurav
I appreciate you for your tireless and consistent work on improvement of quality of life in a comprehensive way of the patients of Kidney Diseases.
I am very happy to share  with extreme satisfaction and pride that You and your organisation Sparsh Nephrocare is doing a very dependable and highly quality renal care to our patient in far flung places .
I have noted a few rare and very encouraging comments from my outstation patients who have taken Hemodialysis from Sparsh.
1. Your facility is spacious ,clean and very hygienic, the centres in Bolpur(WB), Jamshedpur (JK) Agra(UP) and INHS Kalyani(Vzag) are extremely good and can be easily compared of the world class units.
2.You have ensured all transparency in treating your patients be it about clinical condition , Fee and charges and disposal and delivery of dialysis standards .
3. The dialysis centres charge exorbitantly in names of frequent dialyser purchase , Heparin purchase , Fistula needle recycle and other malpractices.
4. Your one rate ,all inclusive and no fuss , makes it a dependable centre for patient as well as referring doctor .
5. 100% Dialyser check and reuse practice ,has made hemodialysis as very safe and comfortable experience . Hardly patient complain of allergic reaction and shivering.
6. Water of AAMI standard has reduced the incidence of Anemia and Cardiovascular risk burden .
7.USA FDA approved system has made me comfortable referring even any international patient to your centre.
8.I was part of ISN Hemodialysis standard guidelines team , I had opportunity to inspect a few centres for empanelment , many have missed at least three four  important patient safety related guidelines . I am happy that you follow all of them thoroughly.
9.At the end of the session , the disposal of the patient  by Sr Technician and counselor confirming having achieved  the dialysis session goals( set by referring or attending Doctor) , makes patient a very happy and satisfied being .
I personally take opportunity to thank you and pray that the venture should do well always . I will be happy , If you kindly convey my sentiments to each and every member of your team and public as well.
I wish you success …..
2) Mail from a patient offering land in his home town so that there can be a Sparsh dialysis center for patients in his remote hometown
Today I took my wife to your dialysis centre near Bolpur the first time.It’s a small unit in the Glocal hospital, but reasonably efficient and immensely usefulfor patients with limited resources. I come from a small town 40 kms north-west of Dehradun, along the Chakrata road.  The town serves mainly a vastly scattered hill populace of the remote villages in Sirmour and Dehradun districts. I own a two-room-house (900 sqft) built in a 6000 sqft plot of land, Would you consider setting up a dialysis centre in my house/plot, if I propose to spare it for the public good?



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