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Sparsh recently signed up with Apollo Clinic in Benares to take over their existing dialysis center. Sparsh will bring its dialysis expertise to expand the center, bring in operational efficiency and make it better for patient experience. This seems far from the time when hospitals used to be apprehensive about the very act of outsourcing any medical service to a third party. Now they have started warming up to the idea of outsourcing to single speciality chains. And it makes perfect sense.

Single speciality chains bring in the expertise  to do one thing more efficiently and also because of scale reduce costs to patients. It also frees the hospital management to focus on more value added services that they can provide to patients. From inception Sparsh has targeted Tier – II cities in India and hence did not have much chance to to tie up with big branded hospitals. But of late with Apollos and CAREs entering the Tier II market we have had more chances at such partnerships. From KIMS in Nellore to CARE in Bilaspur to Apollo in Benares, there is no stopping now. Sparsh has also tied up with some smaller but very well regarded super speciality hospitals like NU from Bangalore. We run their satellite dialysis center at city of Ambur. Sparsh is well on its way to be known as the next best thing in Ambur after its famous Biryani.

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