That feeling of first time

Apart from a few procedural delays which we will sort out soon, we came out of our first out patient dialysis unscathed . Infact feels nice to hear from patients that this is really nice center and we should do some advertising to get more patients! Direct customer feedback is the best data.

Before the dialysis was started, we seemed to be more tensed than the patient! But the experienced patients are so calm that you don’t feel like its a big deal. The blood comes out of the body, gets cleared of toxins and goes back in – six times during one dialysis session.

On a different account, budding entrepreneurs looking for seed funding should look for CGTMSE loan scheme of SIDBI and SBI. There are pros and cons of the scheme -


  • No collateral required
  • Low interest rates
  • Good moratorium period

Before you start jumping up and down thinking they are better than VCs, here are the cons -

  • Lot of bureaucracy
  • Very rigid, once you have given them the project report, you have to file quotations for any capital investment and if you get a better deal later its no good; they only will pay for the vendors you get the initial quotations
  • They only give debt for capital investment

If you need investment for non capital expenditure like advertisement, marketing then they are no good. VC money is good in several ways as they give you the flexibility to spend it in the best possible way. And they are patient with the returns. Hence, depending on your project CGTMSE might or might not be a good option for you.

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