Erythropoetin Usage

For dialysis therapy to have good impact many other things have to work in tandem. The compliance of the patient with regard to frequency of dialysis, care of diet and other medication taken along with dialysis play a big part in the overall efficacy of the therapy. One important aspect is the usage of Erythropoetin(EPO).

Many patients in India already have low Hemoglobin amounts and it is lowered because of dialysis. Lack of EPO usage will make the patients weak. Sparsh as part of a study started providing EPO at a highly discounted rate at its dialysis center at Bhatkal. As the usage of EPO increased, a measurable increase in Hemoglobin levels of patients was observed. At Sparsh we realize that making EPO available to patients at affordable rates is very important and work with our suppliers to reduce the rates all over India.

One of the problems observed in India is many times patients are sold these drugs at pharmacy stores or are delivered at their homes. Unknowingly many times they carry the EPO to dialysis center for administration without taking care of the storage temperature. EPO works only when it is stored at temperatures below 8 degrees.  Without this knowledge patients reduce the EPO’s efficacy. Educating patients about medication plays an important part in their healthcare. Sparsh has started a comprehensive education program of patients for this purpose.


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