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Buttonhole Cannulation

Recently met up with a senior nephrologist from Chicago US. During our conversation he mentioned something called buttonhole cannulation technique. I was surprised as I had never heard of it. When he mentioned that its a painless way for dialysis when compared to Fistula needles, I came back and did some research.

I am pretty surprised that these techniques are not prevalent in India. If buttonhole access are used to connect to fistula then there is no pain, its so easy that patients do it themselves. Such techniques is what India requires where there is lack of skilled medical workers. I spoke to a few players here and they said it doesn’t work in India, its tough to do it etc.

Research shows that Buttonhole access doesn’t affect quality of dialysis, but patient satisfaction is very high due to lack of pain. If something like this is so useful for patients, then patients should be taught about it and therapy should be made more popular even if it means little more work initially for the medical professionals. After all healthcare sector is about the patients.

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