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    Why Sparsh?

    We get this question often – Why did you start Sparsh? How did you decide you want to start a chain of dialysis centers? What inspired you? Well the answer is bit of a letdown – “serendipity”. “There are two ways to become an entrepreneur. Either you have an Idea that doesn’t let you sleep […]

  • KPMG Infra 100

    Our project makes it to KPMG’s “Infra 100″ list!

    Sparsh Nephrocare’s project with Bangladesh government to setup and operate dialysis centers with 110 machines has been included in KPMG’s “Infra 100″ list. This list recognizes 100 most influential infrastructure projects in the world. The moto of Sparsh is to increase the accessibility of dialysis treatment to patients around the world and it feels good […]

  • ragi porridge

    Recipe: Ragi Porridge

    Diet plays a very important part in patient care on dialysis. Many kidney failure patients have a complain that they are always told of what not to eat but never get to hear enough about what they can. To ease their pain we have started a section of Recipes which are kidney friendly. Designed by […]

  • Erythropoetin Usage

    For dialysis therapy to have good impact many other things have to work in tandem. The compliance of the patient with regard to frequency of dialysis, care of diet and other medication taken along with dialysis play a big part in the overall efficacy of the therapy. One important aspect is the usage of Erythropoetin(EPO). […]

  • Buttonhole Cannulation

    Recently met up with a senior nephrologist from Chicago US. During our conversation he mentioned something called buttonhole cannulation technique. I was surprised as I had never heard of it. When he mentioned that its a painless way for dialysis when compared to Fistula needles, I came back and did some research. I am pretty […]

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    If I may divide the phases of a venture I would call them – Surviving, Expanding and Sustaining. We are in the surviving phase right now. There was a long delay between the last post and this. In between we opened our second dialysis center. We also changed our business model a bit which reduces […]

  • many-ideas-to-bigger-idea

    Power of Ideas – Winners

    As previously mentioned, we were finalists at the “Power of Ideas” contest of Economic Times to identify most promising startup ideas in India. The panel of judges voted us as one of the 35 winners of this contest. It feels good to know that lot of investors think our idea is of merit. One of […]

  • Dialyzer Reuse

    Although on dialysis for sometime, still lot of patients are clue less about the best practices about reusing of a dialyzer. This results in two options – Deferring the decision to the doctor or technician Only using dialyzers one time In the case of the first one, many patients just go by the number of […]

  • That feeling of first time

    Apart from a few procedural delays which we will sort out soon, we came out of our first out patient dialysis unscathed . Infact feels nice to hear from patients that this is really nice center and we should do some advertising to get more patients! Direct customer feedback is the best data. Before the […]