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  • Erythropoetin Usage

    For dialysis therapy to have good impact many other things have to work in tandem. The compliance of the patient with regard to frequency of dialysis, care of diet and other medication taken along with dialysis play a big part in the overall efficacy of the therapy. One important aspect is the usage of Erythropoetin(EPO). […]

  • Sparsh goes international!

    Just few days back we were updating our locations where Sparsh serves patients and added Delhi to the list. And now we are extremely happy to announce that Sparsh would soon be going international. Sparsh has won a Bangladesh government tender to setup and operate two dialysis centers in Dhaka and Chittagong consisting of 110 […]

  • Sparsh in Delhi…

    We had heard it many times – there is one drawback with Sparsh. Even if it were the biggest dialysis chain in India it will not be recognized as such because Sparsh is not present in Delhi and Bombay. The two of the biggest cities in India. Although we recognized that there are many patients […]

  • Tata Capital Funding for Sparsh Nephrocare

    At last the fund raise process has come to an end. During the whole process our key was to find partners who not only will help Sparsh with capital but would also bring expertise to improve our business. Sparsh couldn’t have found better partners than TATA capital for this.  Being a 3 year old business […]